Sitemap - 2023 - Inside Medicine

Does Covid-19 make you age faster?

Data Snapshot: Covid has faded from the news.

An emergency for emergency medicine?

Selective hearing.

Data Snapshot: Has winter passed? Covid-19 wastewater update in 5 major US cities.

The literal fall of Senator Mitch McConnell.

Two-question reader poll.

Metformin found to reduce Long Covid in clinical trial.

Data Snapshot: US counties with the most alcohol-related driving fatalities (per capita).

Are you "training" for the next pandemic?

What I'm Reading (March 4, 2023).

Norm Macdonald had it right on how we talk about cancer. (So did Barbara Ehrenreich).

Field Notes: The most amazing thing I ever saw in medicine.

Travel notes: Why visitors matter to hospitalized patients. (Or, why it was good for me to be around when Dad got appendicitis).

Data Snapshot: The 2022 Mpox outbreak in review. Top ten nations by cases and deaths per capita.

Voices: Q&A with White House Covid-19 czar Dr. Ashish Jha.

What I'm Reading + Inside Medicine Week In Review (February 25, 2023).

Voices: Q&A with Dr. Megan Ranney

Covid antivirals not shown to decrease household spread. Here's why they still might work.

Masking Christopher Hitchens.

New sepsis trial results reveal how much we have to learn.

Data Snapshot: President Carter and where we die now.

Three-month check-in!

What I'm Reading + Inside Medicine Week In Review (February 18, 2023).

From symptom to diagnosis: Bruce Willis has an untreatable disease called FTD.

RSV vaccine succeeds in phase 3 trial of adults ages 60 and older.

Voices: Dr. Reuben Strayer on a paradigm shift for treating alcohol use disorder patients in ERs.

Healthcare Valentines written by OpenAI and me.

Data Snapshot: Health insurance coverage and cost barriers by race and ethnicity in the US.

What should I ask Dr. Ashish Jha?

Inside Medicine Week In Review (February 11, 2023).

Impressions of "Pegylated Interferon Lambda," a new Covid-19 treatment which performed well in a major study.

Is wastewater the answer for tracking all disease outbreaks?

Field notes: The man who couldn't describe his own job.

Covid-19 killed hundreds of frontline physicians, study finds.

Data Snapshot: The rise and fall of monoclonal antibodies for Covid-19.

Why I teach emergency medicine residents to present cases "in reverse."

Inside Medicine Week In Review (February 4, 2023).

Part II: When "grand mal" seizures don't stop.

When "grand mal" seizures don't stop.

The CDC shows up to debunk the Washington Post's inaccurate opinion on Covid counts.

Why ER doctors always ask patients if they take blood thinners.

Data Snapshot: Updated Covid-19 vaccine and booster rates, by age.

Sunday note and a one-question poll.

Inside Medicine Week In Review (January 28, 2023).

How to stretch our Covid relief dollars with smarter booster campaigns in the future.

Are yearly Covid-19 boosters the best we can do?

How ER doctors communicate: A look inside a complex and fascinating lingo.

Field Notes: The deceptively dangerous thing many people do with their medications.

Data Snapshot: Unnatural Deaths Like Accidents, Trauma, and Overdose Rarely Attributed to Covid.

Resisting the urge to hoard children's Tylenol.

Inside Medicine Week In Review (January 21, 2023).

A point-by-point rebuttal of the Washington Post's double down on Covid deaths being "overcounted."

Future Covid-19 booster vaccinations should be 100% Omicron.

Two month check-in (paid subscribers)...and two quick questions...

Fluvoxamine fails among the vaccinated.

Data Snapshot: Are we overcounting Covid-19 deaths? No.

My weird arc with gas stoves.

Inside Medicine Week In Review (January 14, 2023).

The two sides of the bivalent booster debate, broken down and explained.

New bivalent booster results for seniors from Israel are good news for everybody. Key questions remain.

Fun with OpenAI, medical charting, and diagnostics. (Also: I just got lied to by a bot).

At last, my immediate family is now fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Data Snapshot: Covid-19, flu, and RSV hospitalizations on a single graph.

Field Notes: Ruling out a broken bone without x-rays.

A note from vacation (and a one-question reader poll)...

How to increase your chances of keeping New Year's resolutions.