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The thought on every ER doctor's mind on New Year's Eve.

The best of Inside Medicine, 2022 (non-Covid edition).

The best of Inside Medicine, 2022 (Covid-19 edition).

Breaking news analysis: How to make the new US test-to-travel from China policy achieve its goals.

The glaring weakness in our rural medical kit.

Data Snapshot: US Covid-19 wastewater levels today versus 1 year ago.

A Christmas Day Dispatch From The Airport.

Inside Medicine Week In Review (December 22, 2022).

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Field Notes: How a young person's "unnecessary" ER visit may have saved a life during the holidays.

Covid-19 antiviral Molnupiravir not effective in preventing hospitalization and death among vaccinated patients with high risks.

Field Notes: Aortic dissections are among the scariest cases ER doctors see.

Should I debate the fringe?

Data Snapshot: Bivalent booster by income level and insurance status.

Does the World Cup cause heart attacks?

Sandy Hook, 10 years later, in one harrowing graph.

Breaking: Government report on ER misdiagnoses has "fatal flaw," internal analysis found.

Q&A: Dr. Anthony Fauci joins Inside Medicine and MedPage Today.

Ask an Ebola survivor...

One month check up (paid subscribers)

New Ebola vaccination study looks like a breakthrough.

New study: Do diet and exercise actually help knee pain due to osteoarthritis?

Pond Wars: US versus UK, vaccine edition. Whose seniors are more up-to-date on the Covid-19 boosters?

Data snapshot: Covid-19 bivalent booster uptake winners and losers among seniors.

A special night: Bridging music and medicine.

Voices: Dr. Joseph Allen on indoor air quality and measurable impacts on health outcomes.

What I'm reading: How Qatar became a Covid-19 research powerhouse.

Data snapshot: Flu hitting kids especially hard.

A “shocking” development in CPR?

Flu hospitalizations overtake Covid for first time.

An update on RSV vaccines. Where do we stand?

Quick pre-shift check-in (December 3, 2022).

Do the new weight-loss drugs match the Hollywood hype?

Dr. Fauci Q&A update and future interview ideas.

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What should I ask Dr. Fauci? (Updated)

Data snapshot: Which states's nursing homes are in trouble?

What's it like to win a MacArthur "Genius" award?

Spinal cord stimulators fail to show benefit in a bold new clinical trial.

What I'm reading: Daniela Lamas's "When the Treatment of Last Resort Sends a Life Into Limbo."

Shift notes: This small tweak in the ER and clinics could save many lives.

Voices: Priti Krishtel on patents, equitable medical systems, and the future of fairness in health.

A Thanksgiving "mystery" from my residency days.

WHO said to plan to rename monkeypox MPOX. Here's why that matters.

Are repeat coronavirus infections really more dangerous than the first one?

How to not kill Grandma (or anyone, including yourself) this Thanksgiving.

Colorado Springs rejoins the horror roll of mass shootings.

Monkeypox/Opoxid-22 started showing up in strange places. Then it mostly vanished. What happened?

Voices: How Will We Know When The Pandemic Is Really Over?

Counties with higher vaccination rates had lower mortality during Delta and Omicron.

Welcome back to Inside Medicine!

Field Notes: Two questions about headaches that ER doctors always ask—and the one they don’t, but should.

Field Notes: Who I’m testing for monkeypox and why we keep missing cases.

Did Covid-19 deaths tip the midterms Blue?

“Of” versus “With.” Covid deaths are getting harder to count, but they still matter.

Study finds colonoscopy only works if you have one.

The 2022 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology honors work that traces humanity's origins—and may one day help us treat Covid.

Infants are being hospitalized with Covid at higher rates than most adults and seniors.

Asymptomatic and contagious. Young children with Covid appear especially likely to silently spread the virus, new study suggests.

Paxlovid rebound update: Your questions answered

Covid rebound isn’t rare, and Paxlovid remains the lead suspect.

Good news on excess mortality in Massachusetts.

The shadow that teaches.

CDC: After day 5, Covid patients with positive rapid tests can go out in public, if masked.

Keeping kids with contagious Covid home helps communities. We still need to support parents to make that possible.

FDA quintuples US monkeypox vaccine supply. Instantaneously.

Preview: Live from Aspen: Q&A with Dr. Deborah Birx.

A Tale of Two Covids: President Biden’s illness means something very different than Trump’s did.

Preview: Live Q&A , Tuesday, July 19, 1pm ET. In post-Roe America, what can healthcare providers legally do in restrictive states?

Preview: Live from Aspen with Dr. Collins and Dr. Birx.

A quick note on the road to Aspen

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Pediatric Covid-19 versus influenza: further thoughts and statistics.

Being Dad, not Doc. How a doctor tried (and failed) to keep his mouth shut: Part 1.

Delta and Omicron killed far more children than flu ever does.

Key points from “Preventing the next Uvalde. A Live Q&A with CNN’s S.E. Cupp and Brown University’s Dr. Megan Ranney.”

Preventing the next Uvalde. A Live Q&A with CNN’s S.E. Cupp and Brown University’s Dr. Megan Ranney.

My tree pollen allergy questions answered. (And, okay, I seriously feel better since.)

Breaking News: Pfizer-BioNTech's Covid-19 vaccine succeeds in children ages 6 months to 5 years. At last.

Omicron caused more excess mortality than Delta in Massachusetts.

Is this monkeypox strain more contagious? What have we learned and how worried should we be?

The million US Covid dead are younger than you think.

Firearm deaths spiked in the summer of 2020 and after. What’s really behind it?

My thoughts, live from the White House.

Four key facts that show legalized abortion saves and improves maternal lives.

Will we vaccinate our four-year-old with Moderna? (Yes!)

Will the White House Correspondents’ dinner be another superspreader?

Three early promising Covid-19 innovations that didn’t work.

Did rigid enforcement ruin mask mandates? ("Inside" Inside Medicine)

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Parents face tough choices in a post-mask mandate world.

War zone medicine: treating friends, enemies, and staying safe.

Are large indoor events safe? It’s impossible to know, making “personal choice” a false one.

This week in Covid-19 research. Four must-know studies.

Aphasia is a symptom, not a disease.

Nurse faces prison time over a medication error.

Covid-19 vaccine successful in youngest children, Moderna says.

What is “Match Day”?

When will one-way masking be safe enough for everyone?

Two years into the official pandemic, Covid-19 remains an emergency.

Putin bombs a maternity and children's hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine

Yes, Florida, the pediatric Covid-19 vaccines still work.

Breaking: Leading Experts Release Comprehensive Covid-19 Roadmap.

Masking and the State of the Union. Was the right message sent?

Six crucial lessons from Omicron.

Omicron broke many US hospitals. Why didn’t the federal government report that?

The deadly partisanship behind prescribing unproven Covid-19 treatments.

Breaking News: Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy associated with lower infant hospitalization.

A doctor’s reflection: can responsible experts disagree in public during a pandemic?

Mask Wars: Uber/Lyft edition. Ride-hail drivers and passengers square off.

The WHO continues to ignore science on masks and young children.

I’m a physician and a parent. I won’t vaccinate my 3-year-old until the data are solid

Pediatric deaths in New York and New Jersey plummeted during the first year of Covid-19, leading the nation.

Mask use associated with fewer school and daycare closures, study finds

Fact Check: Bill Maher, Bari Weiss, and the Covid Neo-Nihilists are Deadly Wrong.

Your at-home rapid test questions answered. Are five days of isolation with Omicron really enough?

Is your surgeon too tired to operate?

Arizona, California, Washington, Wisconsin appear to have more hospitalized patients than beds. 24 states poised to join them.

Are Maryland hospitals overflowing? Official data and ground reports seem to differ.

The Omicron Paradox: If it’s milder, why are hospitals on the brink of disaster?