I assume the COVID subvariant that you referenced is JN.1?

Yes, "MATH" is better. Math models are much better!

"Define Severity"? I thought"Wastewater" was the applicable medical standard of care.. No?

Researcher do not have to deal with poor or non-existent reporting.. What is your current wastewater data?

Deductively sometimes it is better to look back to see the future meaning: "Cold Coronas": 229E, OC43, NL63. & HKU1.

See SCIENCE Volume 383 Issue 6679.

"Vulnerables" depend on science!

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I am not a subscriber on sub stack but am being billed. I can’t get to any account management that allows me to do anything, since I show as not subscribed.

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A requirement for high school graduation at my parent’s’ school in 1940 , was passing a swim test. They went to Columbia HS in South Orange, NJ. I don’t know policy nowadays

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