Thanks for this. It's almost exactly the same for me (I've also never been infected to my knowledge), except that on an airplane I'll actually pull my mask down to take a sip or a bite and pull it back up before the next bite. Maybe that's crazy but it's easy for me to do so I do.

To be honest, though, the other place that we differ is that while I principally wear my N95 because I'm confident it makes a difference, there is a little bit of virtue signaling. But it's sort of inverse signaling.

I'm a 6'2" 235lb white guy, and as a general matter, people very rarely make a fuss with me in person, and never about my mask. I like to think that my being in a grocery store maybe makes someone else feel more comfortable about wearing their mask and deters others from making comments. Maybe I'm deluding myself, but it makes me feel good.

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Thank you for sharing your own practices with us. I mask in the places you mentioned. Often I’m the only one, like waiting to board my flight today. It just makes sense, especially since I long-ago found an N95 I’m comfortable in. Also, I still do most my restaurant dining outdoors

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I really don't mind masking compared to all the other factors contributing to burnout among physicians, as in excessive stress, long hours and emotional exhaustion. From an AMA survey:

"For the most stressful medical job in 2022, the highest percentages of burnout occurred among six physician specialties. They are:

Emergency medicine: 62%.

Hospital medicine: 59%.

Family medicine: 58%.

Pediatrics: 55%.

Obstetrics and gynecology: 54%.

Internal medicine: 52%."

As a family doc married to an Ob/Gyn, we have quite the statistical challenge. Masking is all good in the big picture :) Hang in there in the ER, you guys take 1st place. Um...congratulations?

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Thank you Dr Faust for your always on target practical suggestions. I only wish that others in were as helpful. For example, Fauci (just recently on cable) went into a vague and confusing response about population vs individual risk when asked about the Cochrane Analysis on the benefits of masking. Of course, the interviewer did not have the knowledge or courage to ask him to clearly explain the difference.

He has been been and continues to be a public health and medical ethics disaster.

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So glad your expertise and common sense is being distributed more widely 🥰 Thank you

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