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Doctor, thank you for your Preprint powered analysis of the NEJM reported double-blind' data.

"Semaglutide" ... got it.

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This may be a dumb question, but is obesity a symptom of metabolic syndrome or is it a/the cause?

I ask that because I started out with the question of whether the HF related benefits come from weight loss or if the semaglutide specifically treats the HF, and realized there was a broader question. Were the HF-related benefits the same for people who weren't obese, or did the study design not include that group of people?

I'm guessing that one or more of the articles addresses it, but I haven't had time to look and guessed you had already considered this. Thanks for a great article! I've actually been considering talking to my internist about whether to start semaglutide.

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Promising. But Jeremy: while I greatly look forward to your emails... two versions of the same one whenever you send? People will talk. ;)

And that's the problem: the talk version, which I don't listen to. Nor, I suspect, do many of your readers. Perhaps simply offer an audio option within the text mail? Or offer a choice on your Substack homepage? But please: not two emails for each post...

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Looking forward to reading this, thanks for the heads up. This CHF exacerbation reduction sounds like RR >95%? That is huge.

Previous study also released recently showed about 20% RR reduction in CV events right?

I have to admit that it is satisfying to facilitate unprecedented success with weight loss for patients with this, mounjaro, etc. I decline to prescribe phentermine but these Glp-1 agonists are truly game changing. I always review possible side effects and ask them to spend some time self educating on the manufacturer’s website, instructional videos etc

But if I wanted to, I could easily set up a practice based on these drugs full time. But then i’d miss the full scope of medicine.

Here’s to less chf in the ER 🤞 and all the benefits that go with weight loss

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Wow! Love this!

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