Sitemap - 2021 - Inside Medicine

Breaking: Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine prevents most Omicron Covid-19 hospitalizations.

The year in Covid-19 and the year ahead.

The US Hospital Circuit Breaker Dashboard in action.

The Omicron Plan: “Circuit breakers” and other short-term strategies to get us through the next wave.

There’s another vaccine? Yes. Meet Novavax.

As predicted, the United States’ selective and porous travel ban failed. Revoke it now.

DEFCON Omicron? Scientists report that Omicron evades antibodies. Here's what that might really mean.

Omicron: four insights from this week.

Make rapid tests actually free, not kinda-sorta free.

Do selective and frequently xenophobic travel bans work?

Breaking News: CDC revises guidance: all adults *should* receive booster if more than 6 months out from an mRNA Covid-19 vaccine.

Did the WHO upgrade Omicron prematurely?

The Omicron/Nu Covid-19 variant. Here’s what we know, and what we don’t.

Covid-19 was the leading cause of death for young adults in Texas in summer and late fall of 2020.

Covid-19 associated with an increase in stillbirths.

Does Long Covid depend on our beliefs?

Why the Astroworld security guard couldn’t possibly have been drugged.

Don’t wait to vaccinate your grade-school kids against Covid-19.

What was the biggest story in medicine this week?

Breakthrough Delta infections equally contagious in households.

Fluvoxamine: an inexpensive pill that works against Covid-19.

Covid-19 vaccines and miscarriages? No link.

Breaking: Pfizer vaccine highly effective against teen Covid-19 hospitalization.

Young men and boosters: more harm than good?

Children and Covid-19. An update.

One group that needs boosters can’t get them.

Will boosting healthcare workers prevent workforce shortages?

Breaking: CDC endorses boosters for majority of Americans.

Breaking (with correction): Moderna protection did not wane at nearly 7 months.

Breaking: Pfizer vaccine data for children 5-11 released.

Where’s the data on pediatric coronavirus vaccines?

Slow your sleeve roll, booster boosters.

Your booster questions ASKED.

Explaining the Covid-19 disparities disparity.

Covid-19 disparities among Black adults vanished last fall.

I had a chance to get a booster shot. I passed.

Why I’m skeptical of boosters for all.

Pediatric Covid-19 hospitalizations just soared past January highs.

Are vaccine mandates for healthcare workers data-driven?

Can we safely open schools in the Delta era?

Who is right about the Delta variant?

Don’t cancel the Tokyo Olympics. Emulate them.

Delta breakthrough cases: rarely deadly but equally contagious.

Schools opened, suicide attempts in girls skyrocketed.

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